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Dusty Winners Blog: Kristina Martin

Dusty winner (Special Jury Award for Comedy in Animation) Kristina Martin came up with an idea for her thesis before entering her junior year at SVA. Here, she tells us why it’s never too early to plan for thesis.


Sprigs and Parsley in: Coffee Table is the story of two polar opposite roommates in search of a new coffee table. It was August, 2014 when I came up with an idea for two new characters: Sprigs and Parsley. I wrote a script and was about to start storyboarding when I thought, “Wait! I should save this for my thesis.” I let the idea sit for an entire year on my computer.

My thesis year was a bit different than what I thought it was going to be. Falling behind deadlines and not finishing my film was always a possibility in past years, and I kept that in mind when tackling my thesis. I looked at my thesis guidelines three times the entire year, just to make sure I was ahead. Every time I met up with my Thesis Advisor, Al Pardo, I was told to keep it cool and to just keep going with it since I was way ahead of my deadlines.  I shared a lot of my progress through social media, which a few friends said, well, I wouldn’t say motivated them, but definitely lit a fire under their buns. I had people asking me as early as February if my thesis was done. While I appreciated their faith in me, I was nowhere near finishing at that point. On April 18th, 2016 I submitted my film, and nearly fainted from shock. I did what almost seemed to be the unthinkable, and a day before the deadline I might add.

I feel like I lucked out on thesis stress.  I would hear stories about medical emergencies and editing glitches, but nothing got in my way except laziness from time to time. My advice to upcoming seniors is this: Look at your deadlines once, then throw them away, and always be way ahead of them. Oh, and have an idea for your thesis that is not too ambitious but it screams “you” and have it by freshman year…oops.

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So proud of you girl!!! Love ya