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Dusty Winners Blog: Montana Hall

Montana Hall took a risk when she decided to make an animated horror film for her thesis. It paid off with her winning the Dusty for Outstanding Achievement in Character Animation.


Filmstill1I make a point at the beginning of each project to take creative risks and challenge myself, and it was no different with thesis year. I initially wanted to create something personal to me, as this might be my last chance to direct, animate, design, and be entirely in control. Monster took a personal leap of faith to work in a genre I love, but am not familiar with – horror.

Filmstill5I believe strongly in female empowerment and gender equality. Monster is my way of reaching out and telling people they are not alone. Knowing my film would screen at the Dustys in front of an audience was a huge deal, so I took this opportunity and used it to have my voice heard. It was crucial for me to take advantage of my four minutes and say something. I am incredibly lucky to have had the chance to create something for myself that speaks to other people.

Filmstill4Art should say something. If you have a chance to express yourself or to put power behind something you believe in, do it! What better way to express how you see things, how you feel, to show a perspective that others may not see? Take advantage of your creative talent and get out there!

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