SVA Film & Animation
FACULTY: Andrea Odezynska

Director & Editor

My films have a common thread: ordinary women doing something hard, and succeeding. Cross-cultural backdrops, a reverence for traditions and beliefs can also be found throughout. I am concerned about folklore and traditional life disappearing, as the world undergoes “modernization” and corporate sameness.

For example, in my newest film, very few people have been exposed to the remote, harsh and stunning world of Felt, Feelings and Dreams. I helped shoot this documentary in Kyrgyzstan. Particularly in this global economic downturn, I believe audiences will be inspired by the courage of the women in my film. They are the gatekeepers of a culture that is quickly disappearing. By Western standards, they have so little material wealth, yet I left Kyrgyzstan feeling that they have something precious that we may have lost. There is a wonderful sense of community in the villages that I visited. People know their neighbors and help each other. They are not as isolated from one another as the average American can be.

I try to impart my passion for making personal, meaningful films to my students. I try to lead by example.

M.F.A, Directing, The American Film Institute, Hollywood

B.A., Theater, Bennington College, Bennington ,VT


THE WHISPERER (documentary 30 min.)

STILL THE RIVER FLOWS (experimental short)

FELT, FEELINGS AND DREAMS (documentary 30 min.)

The Hampton’s Film Festival, Kansas City Kansas Film Festival, The Rotterdam International Film Festival, Through Women’s Eyes/Sarasota Film Festival, Tel Aviv’s Independent Film Festival, Rural Route/Anthology Film Archives, Princeton Environmental Film Festival, and over 15 others.

My work has aired on Bravo, Showtime, HBO, and PBS/Long Island.

National Endowment for the Arts, Two NYSCA (New York State Council on The Arts) Grants, Robert Wise Foundation Scholarship, and Kodak Corporation Scholarship.

Introduction to Final Cut Pro  (Undergraduate and Continuing Education)