SVA Film & Animation
FACULTY: Carl Paolino

Producer, Screenwriter, Director

In all of the courses I teach, I always include a lecture or two about how to secure creative success within this business. My career as a personal testimonial, I have found that this is all about three things: being proactive, sharing ideas with colleagues and at the center of it all, good storytelling.

The nature of being proactive will allow you to think outside the box and seek work more eagerly. Don’t wait for the work to find you. Go out and create the job you want to have. The most creative and rewarding projects that I have worked on in my 30-year career were the ones that I either created myself or assisted in creating. Filmmaking is a collaborative business. This includes sharing ideas, techniques and strategies. I am always delighted by the ever-flowing ideas that come from my students.

You are the industry. Don’t watch it from across the room. Become it!

BFA Degree, School of Visual Arts

“The Halloween Pranksta” (2012)

“The Sickness” (2008)

“The Clash of the Cavemen” (2008)

“The Wrong Coast” (2004)

“Celebrity Deathmatch” (1998)

MTV, Saturday Night Live, Victoria’s Secret, Burger King, Foxwoods Casino, Fed Ex, Coca Cola, Verizon Wireless, Guinness Beer, Sega, Nintendo, Goodyear, WWF

Body Casting

Character Construction (for stop motion animation)

Miniature Sets and Action Props

Special FX Makeup and Silicone Prosthetics for Television and Film

Specialty Costume Creations for Film and Television