SVA Film & Animation
FACULTY: Christine M. Roepken

Animation and Visual Artist/Freelance Illustrator

In my personal opinion, being an artist and educator is extremely fulfilling; Even more satisfying is having the opportunity to teach a form of art that I fell in love with from the first flip of the pages. Animation reaches audiences of all ages through a variety of genres, and has endless possibility to inspire. To my students, I dilligently strive to impart the confidence and know-how needed to compete with creatives in animation, today.

Under my attentive direction:

  • Students thoroughly examine essential animation techniques across a wide range of assignments, from weight in squash and stretch, to timing in walk and run cycles, to shots in dynamic perspective.
  • Students complete creative thinking exercises while drawing from the model to keep up visual drawing and process skills important to accurate animation execution, and creative development.
  • As a whole class, we brainstorm story ideas, character designs, and critique each other’s work with professionalism to prepare them to enter the animation industry.
  • Additionally, students work traditionally as well as digitally; Reviewing traditional methods gives them a solid foundation of skills, and working digitally gets them accustomed to the technology used in the field.

I am very proud to mentor the next generation of Animators. Just as I came to love animation, I make it my highest priority that my students come to admire and understand the different aspects of what makes this art form so powerful.

B.F.A School of Visual Arts 2006

M. A. Ed. Adelphi University 2011

Spearheaded the creation of (and taught) the Animation program at Usdan Center for the Creative and Performing Arts

Freelance work – Three Armed Squid Collective

Freelance work – Fenix Gear Comics

TV: Venture Brothers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) 2003 series

Animation Workshop I and II