SVA Film & Animation
FACULTY: Dez Stavracos

Producer, Illustrator, Animator

I was raised on a cocktail of Marvel/ DC/ Image comic books and Disney feature films – the narrative influences of which are still present in my work today. This being ever-present in my creative DNA, I am first and foremost interested in pictures that tell stories.

My work has taken many forms over the years – Animator, Designer, Illustrator and now, where I find myself, as a Producer. Whereas in earlier years my main focus was on telling my stories, I now assist Directors and teams in realizing their stories to their fullest potential. This made for a clear segue to teaching – where I can assist a new generation of minds in identifying their goals and realizing their potential.

If I had to pick a mantra, it would be “Jack of all trades, master of none, though oftentimes better than master of one.” I encourage myself, my peers, and my students to follow their passion and stay open to where it may bring them. To quote Wayne White, “Do what you love. It’s gonna lead you where you want to go.”

BFA Animation – School of Visual Arts

Cheatin’ by Bill Plympton, “Hourglass” (Verizon) by Lernert & Sander, “Are you A Foodie?” (San Pellegrino) by Parallel, “Sizzle Film” (Motorola) by Yves Geleyn, “Noel” (Hermes) by Peter Sluszka, “Cinco Dedos Peliculas” by Matthew Modine

Feature Animation for Cheatin’ by Bill Plympton

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