SVA Film & Animation
FACULTY: Frank Gresham

Designer/Director of Animation

Animation is so technically demanding, you’d almost have to be nuts to do it. Once a person makes the leap toward becoming an animator, they join a small but tight and friendly community–of fellow nuts—deriving extreme satisfaction from bringing the implausible to life.

As an animation instructor, I do what I can to make the technical aspects of animation less daunting to learn, while at the same time encouraging whimsy, experimentation, and the visionary individuality in storytelling and self-expression that help make the hard work of our craft worthwhile.

With more than 30 years experience creating 2D and 3D animated cartoons, I have directed series and shorts for the BBC, Cartoon Network, MTV, Nickelodeon, Sesame Street and HBO, including such shows as Dennis & Gnasher, The Cramp Twins, Sniz & Fondue and Speedbump The Roadkill Possum. I have also served as a Screen Actor’s Guild union actor, and I have lent my voice to numerous cartoons for MTV and Cartoon Network. In the 1980s, I served as an assistant animator with Candyapple Films of Richmond, VA, and then as a staff designer with the NYC animation/mixed media production company Broadcast Arts (of Pee Wee’s Playhouse fame).

BFA with high honors; Virginia Commonwealth University, Department Of Communication Arts & Design, 1981

“The Venture Brothers,”  Storyboard Supervisor 2012

“Do You See What I See/Eureka,”  Animation Director 2011

“Dennis & Gnasher,”  Creative Associate Producer/Voice Director 2008-2009

“Skitterville,”  Animation Director 2006

“The Cramp Twins,”  Series Animation Director 2002-2004

“Jerk Chicken,”  Director of Animation/Head of Production Design 2000

“Downtown,”  Storyboard Supervisor 1999

“A Game Too Far,”  Art Director/Head of Production Design 1998

“Off Beats,”  Animator/Layout Artist 1997

“Sniz & Fondue,”  Series Animation Director 1996

“The Moxy Show.”  Art Director/ Head of Production Design 1995

“Beginning, Middle, End,” & “Cooperation,”  Creator/Designer/Director/Animator 1994

“Brickface & Stucco,”  Art Director/ Head of Production Design 1992

“Speedbump the Roadkill Possum,”  Designer/Animation Director 1992

BBC, Cartoon Network, MTV, Nickelodeon, SyFi, Playhouse Disney, Sesame Street, HBO

ASIFA Excellence In Animation award: “Dennis & Gnasher Episode Title Sequence,” Long form animated TV series for BBC/Channel 9 Australia/Red Kite.  2010

BAFTA Award nominee. Pucinella award; Best TV Series For Children: “The Cramp Twins; Season 2″Long form animated TV series for Cartoon Network/UK.  2005

ASIFA Design Award winner: “Jerk Chicken,” pilot episode for Pitch Productions/Nickelodeon.  2001

ASIFA Design Award winner: Sesame Street Film Festival citation/screening: “Beginning, Middle, End Horn,” & “Cooperation,” independent shorts for CTW/Sesame Street. 1994

ASIFA Design Award winner: “Speedbump The Roadkill Possum,” 3 animated shorts for HPT/MTV Liquid Television. 1992

Harvey Cartooning Award winner: “Friend Of The Devil,” published comic strip drawn for The Grateful Dead Comics #2/Kitchen Sink Press. 1992

ASIFA Soundtrack Craft Award. WILDsound Best Musical Score award: “Keep This Coupon,” independent film by Bruce Knapp. Music performed by Frank Gresham & Jonathan Royce (a.k.a. The Wildparty Sheiks). 2007

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