SVA Film & Animation
FACULTY: Julianne Berg

Editor, Writer, Director

What has always attracted me to the art of filmmaking is the universal language of storytelling that we all understand, whether we know it or not. In studying film history, we can see how that language has mutated and changed over the years, and it’s safe to say that we as a society have become pretty sophisticated viewers. What I find amazing is how a movie can be viewed by a 10 year old or an 87 year old, and they can both follow the story, even if they come out of it with very different personal experiences.

Translating this knowledge into our own films/videos is the tricky part.  The best feeling in the world is not only being able to successfully translate what’s in your head onto paper and then onto film, but pushing the boundaries of film language and sometimes coming up with new techniques, new definitions or redefined definitions to contribute to the history of film language.  My students have sometimes showed me new ways of looking at things, already redefining the language in their first year!  It’s truly amazing. 

Though I love writing, directing, and sometimes shooting, my first love in the filmmaking process is editing.  I feel the editor is the wizard behind the curtain, the great manipulator, and often times the goalie of the filmmaking experience.  I have been working professionally as an editor for 21 years, cutting narratives, reality tv, music videos, documentaries, commercials and industrials.  I am currently working on History Channel’s “American Pickers”, and will start work on a documentary about the drummer from Lynyrd Skynyrd, Artimus Pyle, in 2015.  I am also directing/editing a music video for the band, Acid, which will be completed by early 2015.

School of Visual Arts, BFA Film/Video Program

Berkeley School of Business, Intensive Program

Reality TV- “American Pickers”, “The Rachel Zoe Project”, “Storm Chasers”, “Real Sex”, “Four Weddings”, “Four Houses” “LA Ink”, “Miami Ink”, “Leader of the Pack”, “Rich Pickings”, “Room Raiders”, “Made”, “Sex 2K High Speed Dating”

Commercials – AT&T, Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, R. Kelly, Aaron Carter

Music Live Performances – Marilyn Manson’s “Dead to the World”, Jimmy Page and The Black Crowes’ “Live at the Greek” EPK (also produced), Sevendust’s “Live and Loud”, multitudes of acts for “ABC Live in Concert”, as well as EPKs and presentation reels for Sony Music Studios, Capital Records, Epic Records, TVT Records, Artimus Records, NG Records, Shanakee Records, and The Enclave.

Music Videos Edited/Directed/Produced – Acid’s “Dead”, Kittie’s “Brackish”, Kittie’s “Spit in Your Eye”, one-hour long format (also camera), LES Stitches’ “Down the Drain” (also camera), and “Could Just Die” (also camera), and Brenda Kahn’s “Yellow Sun”.

Docs – MTV True Life – “I’m Obsessed With My Dog”, “I’m A Binge Drinker”, “I’m Adopted”, “I’m In the System”, “I’m Backpacking Through Europe”, MTV’s “First Year”, HBO’s “Singing Positive” (sound editor)

Film Shorts (Directed, Edited, Produced, Writer) – “Grace Has Mace” (also camera), “Funkybutt”, “Oh Christmas Tree”, and “I’ll Be Your Demigod If You’ll Be Mine”, which have been shown nationally and internationally in various film festivals.  I also edited the film “Glamourpuss’s How To Keep Your Man.”

Additional Editing – 80 episodes for TLC’s “Language Arts” series, Discovery’s “Great Inventions with Bill Nye”, Travel Channel’s “Samantha Brown, A NYC Christmas”, TLC’s “Makeover Train”, plus industrials for Western Union, Morgan Stanley, and various pharmaceutical companies.

Emmy Certificate for HBO’s “One Survivor Remembers” (ass’t editor)

Intro to Avid Editing