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FACULTY: Katie Cropper Klein

Animation and Motion Graphics Artist

Katie Cropper Klein is a lifelong New Yorker and animation artist. A graduate of the traditional animation program at Pratt Institute, she has spent most of her animation career working in and out of the independent animation and commercial studio circuit.

Serving as a board member of The New York chapter of ASIFA (Association Internationale du Film d’Animation / International Animated Film Association) she has been the mailing list administrator as well as blogger and web contributor. In 2012 she was made co-chairwoman of the ASIFA East awards and festival. The festival and awards have been a member-curated show since its inception in 1969 and is a classic New York animation tradition. In the fall of 2015, Katie was elected president of ASIFA East by the executive board. After years of working with Susan Godfrey at The Productive Studios as an associate producer, artist, and partner she joined  Bustle Digital Group as part of their editorial video team. In the summer of 2018, Katie returned to the wild world of freelance and can be found currently creating snaps for the Snapchat discover pages of New York Magazine.

Pratt Institute BFA Film and Animation

Getting Over Him in 8 Songs or less [2009], Jolly Rabbit [2009], Team Toon [2013], Love, Factually [2016], You Don’t Know Squat [2016], Romper’s Doula Diaries [2017] Backseat Blind Date [2018]

Kalamazoo Animation Festival International: Cartoon Challenge Audience Award: Today’s Weather [2007]

ASIFA East Awards, Best Experimental Film: The Productive Anijam [2013]

Digital Compositing