SVA Film & Animation
FACULTY: Richard Gorey

Animator, Writer

I enjoy telling stories with words and images, so animation and filmmaking were natural for me. I’m grateful that the passion I have for animation—as a communication tool and as an art form—has not diminished in the thirty years I’ve been working in the industry.

That passion and experience is what I try to share in my classroom, and I believe it’s essential to use my own work as well as classic features and shorts, when I explain complex techniques and concepts. Students need to see that one person working alone can create imagery as powerful, persuasive, and compelling as the work they see in major studio productions.

My career asked much of me. I animated on dozens of television commercials, wrote scripts, designed characters, and created special effects for hundreds of presentations, trade shows, and promotional films, before moving on to screenwriting. My novel, The Great Rabbit Rip-off is available on, and in the past ten years, I’ve been collaborating with several other screenwriters on feature scripts, television pitches and short films, both animated and live action.

BFA Animation, SVA

The Great Rabbit Rip-off

Story Pitch I and II