SVA Film & Animation
FACULTY: Aurelio Voltaire Hernandez

Director/stop-motion animator

I am often described as a modern day renaissance man. I am a singer/ performer, author, creator of comic books, stop-motion animation and toys.

In my class we learn by doing. It’s a very hands-on, studio environment. I teach a technique for making rubber stop-motion animation models that anyone can master, and involves materials that are inexpensive and easily found at hardware and art supply stores. Each student makes a character of his or her own design. Once finished with the model-building, I teach the students how to bring their characters to life, emphasizing what is necessary to make them move with fluidity and realism.

School of Visual Arts- Continuing Education

Rakthavira (narrated by Deborah Harry) 1994

Chi-chian: The Black Seed – webseries- 2000

Transrexia (narrated by Richard Butler) 2007

X-mess Detritus (narrated by Gerard Way) 2008

DemiUrge Emesis (narrated by Danny Elfman) 2010

Odokuro (narrated by Gary Numan) 2011

2012- Sacramento Horror Film Festival- Best Animated Film 
2012- Atlanta Horror Film Festival- Best Animated SciFi Short

2012- Designer Toy Award- Best Toy from a Comic Book


2012- Coney Island Film Festival- Best Animated Film

2012- Fright Night Film Festival- Best Practical Animation

2012- The Independents’ Film Festival- Best Independent Animation

2012- Macabro Film Festival- Mexico- Jury Award

2012- Fear No Film Festival- Honorable Mention

2012- Brainwash Film Festival- 2nd Grand Prize

2012- Thriller! Chiller! Film Festival- Best Short Film


2011- Famous Monsters- Imagi-Movies Film Festival: Best Animation

2011- Dragoncon Film Festival – Best Animated Surrealism

2011- Dragoncon Film Festival – Best Animated Film

2011- Terror Film Festival- Best Special Effects


2009- South Beach International Animation Festival- After Dark Honorable Mention

2009- Dragoncon Film Festival- First Place Animated Short-short

2009- Atlanta Underground Film Festival  Best Short-short”

2009- Terror Film Festival – Official Warm Up Film

2009- Terror Film Festival- Best Fantasy Short Film


2008- Stiff- Seattle True Independent Film Festival AWARD: Best Animated Film

2008- Fear No Film Festival: Fear No Filmmaker Award

2008- Independents’ Film Festival: Best Independent Animation

2008- The Indie Gathering: 1st place Experimental Animation

2008- Famous Monsters of Filmland Film Festival: 2nd Quarter Winner: Animated Film

2008- Chicago Horror Festival: Best Experimental Film

2008- Atlanta Horror Film Festival: Best Short Short

2008- Arizona Underground Film Festival: Best Animation

2008- Terror Film Festival: Honorable Mention in Filmmaking

2008- Dark Carnival: Best Score


2007- Dragoncon Film Festival- Best Experimental Animation

2007- Atlanta Underground Film Festival- Best Short Short

2007- Twin Rivers Media Festival – Honorable Mention

2007- Daggers Horror Short festival, NYC – Best film pound for pound

2007- Terror Film Festival, Philadelphia- Best Fantasy Short


2003- 25th Anniversary Classic Telly Award

2003- Telly Award- Best Station ID

2003- Telly Award- Best Station ID

2001- Flash Forward Film Festival- People’s Choice Award

1997- Telly Award- Best Station ID

1997- Telly Award- Best Station ID

1997- Telly Award- Best Station ID

1997- Broadcast Design Award- Best Station ID

1997- Broadcast Design Award- Best Score

1989- New York Festivals- Gold- Best Station ID

1988- New York Festivals- Bronze- Best Station ID

Stop-motion animation