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Free Screening: Trembling Mountain 5/22

MFA Social Documentary Film presents a screening of the documentary Trembling Mountain, with the film’s director Kesang Tseten. The screening is on May 22nd from 6:30 – 8:30 in the SocDoc Auditorium, 136 West 21st Street, ground floor, New York, NY.
This screening is free and open to the public.



Among the worst hit in Nepal’s 2015 earthquake was paradise-like Langtang, a prime trekking destination. A glacial collapse caused an avalanche of rock, ice and mud, resulting in an airblast equal to half the force of the Hiroshima atom bomb. About 400 died, among them tourists and one-fourth of Langtang’s community, and the survivors evacuated to Kathmandu. In showing the much dwindled community’s response to the disaster, until their resettlement a year later, Trembling Mountain reveals the transformation, profound and yet often taken for granted, that has been sweeping the Himalaya over the last decades.

Kesang Tseten’s documentaries have regularly screened in Nepal and in film festivals such as the International Documentary Film Festival of Amsterdam, the Leipzig International Documentary Festival, Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival, Yamagata, Thessaloniki, Krakow, Viennale and the Margaret Mead Film Festival. Before filmmaking, Tseten was a writer and associate editor of Himal magazine in its early years. He is a graduate of Dr. Graham’s School in India and Amherst College and Columbia University in the United States.

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