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NY Times calls Manfred Kirchheimer an “Indispensable NY filmmaker.”

Manfred Kirchheimer, longtime film faculty member, has a new film, Canners, which follows the lives of several New York City men and women who collect discarded cans and bottles for their nickel deposit. From the time garbage bags appear on sidewalks, to the time the bottles and cans are cashed in at redemption centers and supermarkets the “canners” are at work—often for a good part of the day and night. Redemption centers are few and far between. Supermarkets are often uncooperative, so several must be visited. Canners often need to walk miles to unload their gleanings.

Manfred Kirchheimer, born in Germany in 1931, is an indispensable New York filmmaker, a noticer and a listener without peer” – A.O. Scott, New York Times.

“Octogenarian documentarian Manfred Kirchheimer, whose 1981 featurette Stations of the Elevated enjoyed a celebrated rerelease in 2014, continues his decades-long ode to New York City in Canners, a look at the anonymous toilers who gather our discarded recyclables for pennies a pop.” – John DeFore, Hollywood Reporter.


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