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SocDoc Seventh Annual Thesis Showcase

Join us to celebrate the School of VISUAL ARTS MFA Social Documentary Film with the 7th Annual Thesis Showcase at the SVA Theatre. This screening series is a preview of documentary shorts and features in-progress, the work of SocDoc’s Class of 2017. Filmmakers will be present, and Q&As will follow each screening.

Featuring the films:

*Friday September 22*
6:00pm -Showcase Spotlight-
“Dykes, Camera, Action!” (45minutes)
Director: Caroline Berler

7:10pm -Showcase Spotlight-
“DOG. WALKER.” (26minutes)
Director: Brian Inocencio

8:00pm -Showcase Spotlight-
“Alice Was Four” (40minutes)
Director: Rebecca Benson

“I Am Gary” (49minutes)
Director: Edgardo Marmol

“Protected Ground” (35minutes)
Director: Gia (Yanru) Wang

*Saturday, September 23*
“Eating The Enemy” (30minutes)
Director: Melanie McLean Brooks

“Save Wilbur” (22minutes)
Director: Shuonan Liu

“Kids Can Spit” (33 minutes)
Director: Chelsi Bullard

“Trip Home” (35 minutes)
Director: Mingi Kim

5:00pm -Showcase Spotlight-
“Rail Fan” (50minutes)
Director: James Stuart

6:15pm -Showcase Spotlight-
“Not in My Mother’s House” (50 minutes)
Director: Sandra Itäinen

7:15pm -Showcase Spotlight-
“Come and See” (80 minutes)
Director: Kai Nottapon Boonprakob

*Filmmakers’ Reception*
Film descriptions & more here:

SocDoc student, and BFA Directing 2014 graduate, Mark Crowell, writes about his first few weeks in the program:

“Last week I started my first class at MFA Soc Doc. It’s been fantastic. We have many wonderful professors who, just like undergrad BFA Film, are current working professionals. As I write this now, my professor Micah Fink is scheduling a shoot this weekend in Atlanta for a documentary he’s making about the eradication of polio.

Until last year I’d never considered documentary filmmaking. I always wanted to make narrative films, but I’ve realized that so many accomplished directors have made documentaries. There are the obvious ones like Werner Herzog (Little Dieter Needs to Fly, Rescue Dawn), but Martin Scorsese, Paul Thomas Anderson, Christopher Nolan, Noah Baumbach, and countless other “narrative” directors also make documentaries. Even the director of the Baywatch got his start making the acclaimed documentary King of Kong: A Fist Full of Quarters.

The thing I like most about documentary filmmaking is that there are no hard rules to follow. What constitutes a documentary? The line between narrative and documentary has been blurry since the beginning. Nanook of the North, a 1922 documentary about an Eskimo family living in the Arctic Circle, and one of the seminal early documentaries turned out to be entirely staged. Nanook turned out to be an actor, and the woman playing his wife was actually the director’s wife. This blurred line has continued to follow filmmaking all the way to more recently films like I’m Still Here and Stories We Tell. A year or two ago I would have thought of documentary filmmaking as limiting, but I realize now that it’s another filmmaking tool to tell a good story. And who wouldn’t want that?”

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