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Student Blog: Ameer Kazmi

It may have been only 2 months since we last spoke with Ameer Kazmi (BFA Film ’17), but last night he was announced as the official winner of the Coke/Regal film competition. We caught up with him and his team to talk about the project. Read blogs from the rest of his team, linked below.

AI7A0645 copyThroughout the whole process of the Coca-Cola and Regal Films competition, I had great confidence in the abilities of everyone involved  — the way we worked, as well as the final piece we worked so hard for. We set a high standard for ourselves and didn’t sleep until we reached it. We worked hard to respond to Coca-Cola, Regal Cinemas and their respective agencies, a learning experience that helped us reach our goals. It’s all culminated in a major milestone in all our careers  —  for those directly involved as well other filmmakers and artists who have been consistent collaborators and friends.

AI7A0584When I received news that the film our team created won the grand prize, I was ecstatic  — and relieved as well. Of course we all wanted to have a national release in Regal theaters but we won so much more than that. I can’t be sure what doors this will open but it’s exciting to see everything we have accomplished thus far and to think about all that we can accomplish in the future with our community — our family — of artists and collaborators.

AI7A0638The relief of winning didn’t last long. We all have a burning desire to keep creating new work and opening new horizons. I can’t describe this feeling — I can only say that we look forward to immersing ourselves creatively in our thesis films and whatever comes next. Our thesis team is already aspiring to do more than we’ve ever done. But I am lucky to be working with amazing artists who have big hearts and big minds. There’s no better feeling than being in the midst of all of it.

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Igor Sunara

So happy for you Ameer! Keep up with good work! Igor