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Student Blog: Mina Elwell


Screenwriter Mina Elwell is using her writing skills to explore mediums outside of film. Today, she tells us about InferNoct, her horror comic book miniseries coming next year from Scout Comics.

new card 3I’ve always loved the horror genre.  When I was a little girl, my favorite book was Coraline; each surreal image on the page ignited my imagination. Soon afterwards, I was devouring every creepy illustrated YA novel I could get my hands on. The Last Apprentice and Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series were probably too mature for me at such a young age, but I read them anyway, flipping ahead a few pages ahead to see something horrific and then quickly flipping back to my proper page. I remember my anticipation building as I got closer and closer to the dreaded page.

In middle school, I read H.P. Lovecraft and in high school I read Thomas Ligotti. I fell in love with The Wicker Man.

Good horror doesn’t lose its thrill when you read it or see it a second time — even though you know when every ‘jump scare’ is coming. Good horror is more disturbing the longer you think about it. Good horror is still creepy in the middle of the day. Good horror still makes you cringe two weeks later.

Inf-preview-coverI started working on the scripts for InferNoct this summer. Eli Powell (my incredible co-creator, whose images will haunt you) came onboard shortly after. InferNoct follows Sam, a young woman who hasn’t done anything since graduating high school, but is trying to change her life by getting a job as an unlicensed home care nurse. Her new patient is an old man who can’t (or won’t) speak and is petrified of the dark… which leads to her discovering that her small town is plagued by mind-rending creatures that feed on human sanity. She is unwillingly enlisted to stop them; question is:Will she be able to keep her own grasp on reality?

When I was promoting InferNoct at New York Comic Con, a girl (8th grade?) approached the table. She was so excited. She took the 5-page preview, the art post cards, and the short stories. I hope her parents are ok with it! This is very much an adults-only series, but I remembered another little girl who couldn’t get enough of monsters.

INF_PROMO_2InferNoct will be available in stores in 2017. For updates on the series, follow us on Facebook: or Twitter:

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Written by Mina Elwell, current SVA student

Art by Eli Powell, SVA alumni

Colors by Tristan Elwell, SVA alumni

Lettering by Marshall Dillon

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