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Student Blog: Steven Liiro

You have to put everything you’ve got into making a film — especially when it’s your first feature. Here, Steven Liiro talks about the commitment. 


18118891_10213116721134966_5017213314326720744_nWhen you make a film, everything in your gut tells you that you’re doing it wrong and that what you have isn’t special or original. In order to power on, you must believe in the vision of your film. It must be the most important thing in the world to you, that this story get out.

Mermaid Parade is about a high school stoner who gets arrested, is forced into rehab, and a girl who wants him to get his act together. I took on numerous different responsibilities on my film, and it wasn’t because of some ego trip. I don’t think I’m the best at everything. It was because I cared enough to put in the time, and really be diligent about the decisions I made. This film was a learning experience for everyone, but for me most of all. I tried to push myself to do something I really hadn’t before.

18378768_10213244588011558_1363725746_oTo finally see your vision on the screen – feature length — is truly an overwhelming experience.

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