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Read Victoria Korty’s Story

I wish not another one of these stories were about to be told – but here we go.


Victoria on set, shooting.

I headed uptown to the 5th Avenue Apple Store because my phone was shot. Little did I realize the Trump Tower is 2 blocks south. Fine. Whatever. Drove through some protesters. Parked. Walked through the protesters. I’ll be honest, if I didn’t have to be at my Apple appointment in 2 minutes, I would have stopped. However- I pushed through the crowds of angry people chanting “Not My President” and carried along. However on my way back out was a different story.

I knew no matter what, I needed to walk through the protest since they closed off the sidewalk in front of Trump Tower. So I’m battling through the crowds of people, only this time there are counter-protesters holding their own signs, as expected. Within seconds fights broke out. A group of people in front of me were harassed by this very angry man who was shouting “shut your mouth you dyke!” I nearly lost it. I said nothing, but I stared through his soul. He locked eyes with me and screamed something more vulgar than “what are you looking at faggot?!” Then, he spat at me.

Thanks, NYPD, for taking that guy away before I ripped his throat out.

I said to my best friend yesterday, “I basically live in NYC. No matter how crazy the country gets- I can still be myself in this amazing city.”
Am I dead wrong? Is this what this country thinks is okay?

Trump – you have rounded ignorant people up and allowed them to believe that hatred and intolerance towards fellow human beings is not only acceptable, but encouraged. I will never accept you as my President. You are a disgrace to this nation.

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