SVA Film & Animation
Kyra Kupetsky – 2015


Project: The Thrill of the Haunt

I’ve loved art and animation of all kinds my entire life, and couldn’t imagine living without it. Attending SVA was an incredible experience, for both the skills I attained there and all the amazing people I’ve met. And as unbelievably honored as I am to have won the Character Animation Dusty, I think all of my classmates did exceptionally and deserved all the accolades.

My favorite things to draw are cute things, cute-ugly things, food, and anything colorful and expressive. For anyone who is thinking of attending animation school, I can’t recommend it enough. It can be highly work-intensive at times but if you have an insatiable passion for drawing then I’m almost certain you’ll love it. If animating itself is not what you enjoy, fear not because there’s loads of other aspects of the process that you can go into, never give up if being a part of the animation world is what you truly want more than anything else. You’ll find your place, whether you’re able to attend a school or not, just keep working hard. I hope to be able to work in any part of the animation industry that involves characters, whether it be designing, storyboarding, or animating and to continue to meet more amazing people.