SVA Film & Animation
Meaghan Cleary – 2015


Project: The Latchkey Kids

Excerpts from Meaghan’s screenplay:

Shae’s first fight

LK Opening

Aja gets Hired

I always knew I had made the right choices in my heart, but it really paid off in measure when recently, I had the spectacular honor of winning SVA’s Dusty Award for Outstanding Achievement in Screenwriting for my script, The Latchkey Kids. It was my first full blown comedy and possibly the most fun I ever had writing. The film is about two people who are looking for a fully functional family. My main character who is very mature for his age, Shae (9), thinks he is cursed because each babysitter he has ends up dying. He ends up meeting a young woman named, Aja(18), who is trying to relieve herself from working with her mother in the cocaine hustle. The two strike up conversation and a liking for each other and Shae convinces his mother to try Aja out as his babysitter. The friendship blooms like magic between the pair, though they have obstacles of course to overcome… I am now in the process of selling my script to some of the people I’ve worked closest with and will be doing production design for the film as well. I’ve worked hard and I can confidently say I’ve never been happier. On top of that, I’m in the midst of research for writing my next script, Tough Break— a epic romantic runaway tale in 19th century Ireland, that just might be a little bit funny.