SVA Film & Animation
Miwa Sakulrat – 2017


Trailer: Nymph

This film is currently in festival circulation. Please enjoy our trailer upload until the film is released.

All I’ve ever been thinking about for the past year is this little film, and after taking a brief break from it- here she is again.

It’s amazing to think that just last summer I was sitting on my fire escape with Ech talking about the prospects of this film while drinking milkshakes under pink sunsets. It all seemed like just a dream, becoming our own private obsession. I am so lucky and proud to know him, work with him, learn from him, and totally admire him. I am eternally grateful for his fearlessness and passion that he devotes far and beyond his own knowledge in every project he does and especially this sparkly little world. We both work in the same way- we call it ‘method directing/DPing.’ We chose to fully engulf ourselves emotionally in the scenes and shoot in a documentary-style- following your intuition and intimate moments that can usually pass us by. Through this process, I’ve also discovered how essential it is to have strong bonds with your actors – not just for a great performance, but to feel a connection with them. Dazed with gratitude, I was so eager to leap over to them and shower them with affection and attention. Nelson, my lead, has been a close friend ever since he starred in Ameer’s second year film, Speedy. Nelson doesn’t know this, but as the script found it’s legs within the past year, I slowly started writing the role of Eden specifically for him.