SVA Film & Animation
Yvonne Hsuan Ho & Silver Paul – 2016


Project: Mausie and The Order of the Golden Sun

I’ve always been interested in storyboarding – perhaps because it dictates how story and character are revealed. Silver Paul, my co-director, is an amazing partner and a strange human being; he creates the most ridiculous characters and animates them in the funniest ways. Despite working with a truly talented friend, Mausie and The Order of the Golden Sun was an uphill battle to complete. At the start of the year Silver and I gave ourselves deadlines, but we ended up missing every single one of them. We struggled a lot and argued constantly throughout the production, but in the end we are glad that we chose to work with each other. We watched each other’s backs and we learned each other’s ways of working.

-Yvonne Hsuan Ho

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