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What do you do: Reeves Lehmann? Part 1


Ever wondered what the Chairman of your department is up to? This week, web editor, Mark Crowell, sits down with Reeves Lehmann Film and Animation Chair and finds out why a big part of his day begins when the school day is over.

“One of the many important parts of my job is outreach – go to events where I meet filmmakers, actors, and other influential members of the film, television and animation communities whom I invite to share their insights with our students. Many artists feel strongly about giving encouragement because they’ve been there.

“Being very proud of our Film and Animation Department, I sound off about how wonderful our school and department are. More and more I find that people not only know about us, but consider us one of the top places to study film in NYC. And one of the very best in the country for Animation.

“Last week I attended the Gotham Independent Spirit Awards. It is hosted by the IFP (the nonprofit Independent Filmmaker Project) – which supports our Dusty Festival, and celebrates independent filmmaking. The Gotham’s are a New York institution, and I was able to meet a number of well-known directors and actors who were happy to be invited to speak to our students.

“The next day, I attended the David Lynch Foundation fund raiser for veterans and first responders who are affected by PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). I was invited by the head of the foundation not only because it was a major industry event, but also because I am a veteran. It was great to see how many film and tv people turned out for vets, including Jerry Seinfeld and Hugh Jackman. I asked Mr. Jackman who lives in New York to do a Q&A with our students, and now we just have to schedule it – most likely in the spring.”


Come back for Part 2 of our interview next month to learn about the department’s plans for television.

Check out his Faculty page here!


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